One Year Supply (4) of The Every Day Architect Journal

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Self-improvement journal and sketchbook created with architects in mind.

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Now you can be stocked up for a full year of journaling and sketching at an affordable price!!!

The Every Day Architect is a daily improvement journal and sketchbook thatcombines the best daily practices to help you grow as an architect.  The Every Day Architect journal is designed to help you improve by dedicating a few minutes each day to a journaling practice.

With daily prompts and exercises, The Every Day Architect journal is designed to help you improve your productivity, keep focus on your important goals, grow your creativity muscle, and increase your happiness on a daily basis.

The journal is formatted with a simple structure, over 13 weeks, to help you establish a daily routine of positivity, self-improvement, and sketching.  The practice of journaling daily only takes a few minutes and sets you up for a productive day.  Daily prompts guide you through the journaling practice. Weekly challenges help you get out of your comfort zone and grow.  Weekly exercises are designed to help you reach your goals and become more creative. Space is provided next to each journal entry for you to sketch daily and improve your drawing abilities over time.

Additionally, the journal features over 100 quotes from well-known architects to help you begin your day with the best designers in the world.  Dispersed throughout the journal are 15 beautiful sketches by famous architects to give you inspiration in your daily sketching practice.


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